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JOELRICHARD@GMAIL.COM    Los Angeles, California, USA 

I'm Joel Richard V. Escorpiso, a design director, art director and mentor with a background in graphic design. I have 15+ years of experience working in both corporate and agency environments. Currently, I'm the associate creative director at Modere in Newport Beach, California. Prior to that at Wirestone in Chicago, Illinois.


Creative Direction

Art Direction

Brand Identity

Brand Development
Presentation Design
UX / UI Design

Marketing Creative Services
Creative Team Management

Associate Creative Director at Modere

Associate Creative Director at Wirestone

Senior Art Director at Conversant

Art Director at Specific Media*
Graphic Designer at FremantleMedia
Graphic Designer at Melbert Design Group

Graphic Designer at Solbert Display Co
Graphic Artist at Frontiers Media

Graphic Artist at CalPoly Pomona

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